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  We get your organisation ready to transform your logistics solution

Whether you are in need of a new supply chain project, a new logistics strategy, fossil-free transport or need to work on your sustainability strategy, we have the experts who can help you. No challenge is too great. We help you reduce costs, reduce lead times and increase delivery reliability..

With over 30 years of experience within the logistics industry, we know that each assignment is unique. We therefore put together a tailor-made team of specialists and experts who analyse the existing business in depth. In this way, we can help you create a long-term logistics solution that meets your and your customers' requirements. Both today and tomorrow.

With your insights and our unique expertise, we elevate your business together

Our top competencies

We assess status, opportunities and conditions. What is the next step for your business and what do your customers need for you to keep on being an interesting partner in the future? How will your business get ready for the logistics transformation? We help you all the way. We have a large network of experts and specialists that we put together in tailor-made teams, specifically for your business.

The development is quick and the direction is clear. The time to act is now. Ask yourself if you can afford to wait. Your customers will expect that you can offer sustainable transportation. How can you reduce the environmental impact, optimise your routes or use IT systems as tools to collaborate with other companies and different partners? We analyse and tailor a solution to your business.

Have you built your supply chain to an optimal level? How future-proof is it? Do you know your lead times and do they correspond to customers' needs? How fast can you switch? Do your transports need to be reviewed or your IT tools streamlined? Many a little makes a mickle as the proverb goes.. Lead times and delivery security are some of the most important parameters in a business' activities and with a selected team, we make an analysis of your starting point and then identify what efforts need to be made to optimise costs, service factor and delivery security at all levels.

We work continuously to increase the competencies in logistics at companies. We offer training and follow-ups on your new logistics solution, so that you get the best possible impact from your work. We can offer tailored competencies programs by starting from the company's unique needs and the most important focus areas. In addition, we offer support to management teams and the CEO to increase knowledge about the logistics' possibilities in the various parts of the organisation.

We can’t put it more humbly.
We know what we're talking about

Each assignment is unique. So is our expertise. We have a team consisting of senior consultants and specialists who each have a depth of knowledge within their field. Whether the assignment requires one or 10 specialists, we can help you with your logistics. Our experts have access to the best tools to offer the change you need.

Below are some examples of areas that we specialise in. Contact us and we will help you put together a team that suits your needs.

We tailor each team

These are just some of the areas of expertise we offer.


Automation experts

Simulation experts

Supply Chain Design

Railway consultants

Sustainability experts

Transport optimisation

IT etc.

Broaden your network

Become part of the Trust – Your professional logistics network

The first Trust started in 2008 and now we are just over 40 members from various industries. Our purpose is to create an inspiring meeting place where you, together with like-minded people, can exchange knowledge and experiences, develop your skills and expand your logistics network.

Every year, we organise 10 inspiring meetings focusing on personal skills development, the logistics of tomorrow, crucial future issues and trend research with extra focus on sustainability.

NetWork Logistics

Network Logistics is one of the leading Swedish consultancies in logistics. The company consists of a core of logistics and a network of senior consultants and specialists. Since our start in 1994, we have helped a large number of companies to achieve more efficient logistics and increased profitability. Our operations are based in Helsingborg but have the Nordic region as a base and we follow our clients internationally.


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